13 August 2009

Pretty in Pink

Look at what I discovered in the bathroom this last weekend. I had been outside for the briefest of moments, and walked in and could smell something. What was that smell? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. "WHERE'S PAULEE?!!!!!" Of course all the kids did were look at me blankly and shrug their shoulders. I, on the other hand, went racing to the bathroom. Yep. There she was. In all her glory. "Look Mommy! Cuke!" It was all over her feet, her knees, some of her hands and fingers, neck, face, hair, thighs, potty chair, floor, toilet, sink, tiles, shirt, and shorts. Thankfully the only thing she painted that was not nail polish proof was herself. Yep, that's right. Can't use nail polish remover on the skin, as it has acetone in the remover, and her skin would absorb the toxic stuff. I scrubbed that poor child for ever in the tub, until she started in with, "Ouch Mommy. That's Paulee's leg! Ouch Mommy! That's Paulee's toes! I SAID OUCH!" Figured I'd have to stop with only scrubbing of the top five layers of skin. Maybe the rest would come off tomorrow with the next scrubbing. She got very angry that we took all her "pinks" off. And my poor oldest daughter. "I swear Mom! I put that stuff up! I don't want to get any of it thrown away anymore!" (This isn't the first make-up incident. When Paulee gets into lipsticks and such, it ALL gets thrown away. Jeffie Jean has to learn to put things away.) And sure enough, Paulee had used the potty chair and a book to get tall enough to stretch into the cabinet where all of big sister's things are kept. I guess nothing is safe now!


Teri Lynne said...

I love that child! And I pray her older sister doesn't kill her and that you don't go absolutely stark, raving mad.

nikkit3 said...

oh my goodness!!!!

Stephanie said...

Beth...I'm going to be honest here...I'm laughing, but fully realize that my days of this are not over...I have more to come and when it happens to me feel free to laugh. I'm so glad you took pictures!!! Seriously, it's either laugh or cry and I cry way too much. I hope she turns back to her normal color soon. :)