22 September 2008

Tidal Wave!

I have never seen so much water in my life! Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration. How about I have never seen so much water covering my bathroom in my life.

It started off as a wonderful morning. The kids were only yelled at twice while getting ready for school today. Paulee and Terry eat quickly, and were actually diapered, dressed, and ready for the day before school started. Heath taught Bible and Math without any hindrances. In fact, we had a blast watching the younger Heath figure out he could figure out simple math problems, and make up his own. We sent Terry and Paulee off to the bedrooms to play, while I taught our morning classes and Heath went to work. They were so good. Played together, didn't fight over the one toy out of a hundred, laughed, were just two peas in a pod. The other four were learning quickly, not playing around, kept talking to a minimum, just generally a breath of fresh air. Oh how stupid and naive I was being! What Monday is ever this good! Monday?! What morning period is ever that good? It was so good I even got two loads of laundry folded, and more started. And the kitchen is relatively clean as well. I should have known I was in for a doozy.

For whatever reason, I thought I'd go see what Terry and Paulee were doing. They had been fairly quite for a while, but then again, they'd been that way most of the morning. But there was just this oppressing sense of needing eye contact with my two youngest. As I start out of the kitchen, I realize that there is sunlight streaming into the hallway were the bathroom door is supposed to be closed. Then I heard the noise that can only be described as pure, unmolested joy. Oh what a site that met my eyes. Why did I think I needed eye contact. What I need is that machine from the movie "Paycheck" to erase my memory.

Terry and Paulee had completely flooded the front bathroom. Now for those of you who have been to my house, you know this is a fairly decent size bathroom. All of it. Every last square inch of tile was covered in at least an inch of water. And was it water from the shower? Maybe the sink? Oh, of course not. It was all toilet water! My gag reflex was so great, there was almost a semi-liquid added to the floor. Paulee was standing in the middle of the floor, squealing with delight, as she played the stool as a water drum. She was soaking wet from head to toe. And those cute little toes? Yeah, they were pruned they had been in the water for so long. Terry was desperately running to grab the hand towel to "clean-up Mamma." He was smart enough to go put his shoes on first, and to hike up his pant legs. Of course, that didn't help the parts of him that sat in the water, and from what I guess, he tried to take a swim as well. Malcolm ran over to get Heath, while I started cleaning up the adorable children. Next time, I think I'll figure out how to unclog the toilet, and clean the mess before Dad can see it. Let's just say it didn't go over very well. Yes I know, we had like 20 gallons of water everywhere, it was soaking into the hall carpet, and the toilet was full of water and an entire toilet paper roll. And did I mention it was toilet water? But it was so bad, it was beyond the point of anger. At least I thought. It took every last towel in our house, both clean and dirty, to mop up all the water.

And for the reason they were not playing in their rooms? Terry had masterfully put the baby gates up so they could not get in to the rooms. They only one available was the bathroom which he smartly opened up for them. What a wonderful capability for problem solving with which God has gifted him.

19 September 2008

It's official.

Well, she finally did it. Paulee decided to take a couple of steps the other day. Of course it was totally on her own terms. You know those commercials you see of two parents sitting in the floor, baby standing between them, being encouraged, and she finally takes those couple of steps to one of the parents? Everybody is so excited, the mom cries. You know. Hallmark stuff. Not this Buster baby. She was standing up at the end table, and actually looked around the room to see that no one was looking. Lucky for me, I'm just as tricky as she. Then she just let go, and walked across to the other couch, for a grand total of six whole steps. Of course we tried to get her to repeat it, but that was a futile exercise. She took one step when trying to get her Dad's cell phone back, but then plopped down on the floor and screamed so loud, it made the dogs outside howl. So much for trying the reward system.

In other news, Heath is now "a dolt. 'Cause you know Mom, I turned five, so I can't be a kid anymore." It thrills me to know his opinion of adults. Makes me think of the Smothers Brothers and their less-ons and more-ons.

I am thrilled to be going to my niece's third birthday party tomorrow. I cannot wait. One of these days, we're going to have her and Daniel collaborate on a book together. It should prove to be the funniest, most imaginative story to ever be written. The other day I was being silly and stuck my lip out to pout. "Aunt Beff. Don't do that. Bird gonna poop on your lip." She is very fascinated by my incredibly expanding stomach. She talks to it almost as much as Daniel. They just found out a week ago or so that Darcy and Thomas are expecting. YEAH!!! Anyway, Caydence is thrilled. She's going to be a big sister. And her Mommy is going to have a baby girl, which Caydence is going to name Darcy. She's leaving it up to me to have the boy. Anyway, I have pictures of her birthday present, but I will wait until after tomorrow, just in case Darcy stops by to read this.

I hear no noise in my house, so I'd better go find out what mishap is occurring this hour!

09 September 2008

I need my mama!

I'm sick. I hate being sick. I don't do sick. I have three sweet, adorable children who are oozing green and yellow stuff out of their noses. And of course, they shared with me. My eyes hurt. I can feel great big globs of gook sliding down the back of my throat. My throat burns. My ear canal itches. And worse of all, my joints ache, and my body is sore. I took my temp hoping that I wasn't feverish, but secretly wanting to be so I could curl up in my bed and ignore the world for a couple of days. No fever. In fact, according to the thermometer, I'm dead. My temp was 95.2 degrees. Maybe that's why I am so cold. But no rest for the mom. Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful husband who has taken over most of the kid stuff. But even then, Mom has to be mom. Especially when Dad is a pastor. Sometimes duty calls. So here's hoping for a fast recovery. I'd hate to be bad company this weekend. But I'll be happy as long as I can properly taste my food. :)

updates, updates, updates

There has been so much that has gone on since last I posted. I'll try to start at the beginning. Paulee can now stand on her own. Of course the key word here is can. She somehow has gotten this trait that makes her want to do things her own way. She does not perform. Does not do things because other people want her. No, she'll do things when she wants, how she wants, no matter what anyone else thinks. I wonder from where did that inherited gene come. I plead the fifth.

We celebrated two birthdays just this month already. I am waiting on pictures so I can share, so I'll blog more about that horrible, I mean monumental two days. But I can share this with you. Malcolm is just too grown up. I mean, look at him! He wanted to help make his birthday cake. No, I do not believe in child labor, but it really meant something to him. So I caved and let him help, but only with the making of the batter. After that, I was on my own. But if you will notice, he is wearing an adult sized apron. It's just wrong. Heath's parents sent that to us from their church's 175th anniversary, and it fits him like a glove. Oh, and I would also like to point out that my kitchen was clean. Just was nice that I have proof that it does get clean from time to time.

The kids have been doing well in school. Most days are uneventful, and productive. We have those days that parent and child need separate corners, or even possibly separate rooms, but the kids still like us and school, so I guess we are doing alright.

We finally caved, and cut Daniel's hair. Most people weren't sure who the child was. He just looks so different! But as you can see, his personality is still intact. If nothing else, it has just magnified his persona. He is so much fun to have around. You can see in the background some of my sewing projects. I will post pictures soon. I've got one of Paulee's jumpers finished, but want to get Jeffie's skirt done first before I show off.

So, we were in the car the other day coming home from grocery shopping, when Heath Jr. asked, "Dad! Am I rich?" Heath just started laughing.
"AM I RICH?!" (because we all know that saying the same thing louder makes the question SO much clearer)
"Um...well, I guess it depends on how you look at it." (way to be non-committal!)
"Well, am I or aren't I?"
"I guess I'd have to say....no?"
"Well, yeah I am!"
"Then if you know you are, why did you ask?"
"You know Dad. Sometimes I'm rich!"
"I really don't know. How are you rich?"
"That's easy. If you take off the erd (that's how he said it), I'm Rich! I like to be Rich. Why don't you?"
The child never got an answer. We were just laughing too stinking hard.