16 February 2009

One of those days

It just started bad. Ever have a day that you just wish you could do over? Let the Ground Hog Day fairy do it's magic, and rewind the day to do it again. Some may call it a mulligan. Well, that was my day today.

I woke up and thought that it was going to be a great day. Anderson woke me up, he got to eat while I snuggled with him, and the kids were already starting breakfast. Without fighting! Should have known! That was like some kind of omen or something. The moment my feet hit the floor, trouble started. I went to get my breakfast, but had to clean the kitchen up first. Couldn't get that done before I rearranged some cabinets to make room for new glasses. Then had to totally sweep the floor because I was stepping all over little O shaped cereal. That was the pre-sweep portion. Started to unload the dishwasher only to have to stop and untangle Paulee from the vacuum cleaner cord. Again. Went to go back to the dishwasher but got distracted by the clothes that needed folding in the living room. Was finishing that about the time I remembered my breakfast, and quickly removed my bagel from the oven in the nick of time. Ate standing up because I found more cereal that needed picking up, not to mention the mess the highchair was in. Got a couple of things out of the dishwasher and put up, before Heath needed me to find something for him. Can't even remember what that was now. Probably something important like keys or the like. Went back to the dishwasher to be interrupted by Daniel with an armload of wet sheets. Ugh! Turned and pointed to the overflowing laundry room, so I stopped working on dishes, and headed for the washer. Just got his stuff in, and here comes little Heath. "Um, ya know, I think my sheets maybe might be just a tiny bit sort of well I'm not sure but when I was asleep it might have happened but it's not fair because it's not my fault, um, what was I saying?" I think a turtle crossed the state of Nevada during that explanation. "You were saying that your sheets are wet too?" "Um, well you know..." I just stopped him there and went and removed the sheets and added them to the washer. Back to the dishwasher. By this point it's only 9am and I just want the day to end. Paulee and Terry are wailing at each other. A very rare occurrence. But she's not feeling great, so I give her some Tylenol for the left over fever and new tooth pain, and put her back in bed. She was asleep instantly. I get on to the boys for not cleaning their rooms, pick up more dirty clothes to stash somewhere until I get the laundry room approachable, and try to get back to the dishwasher.

If it was laundry, it was dishes. If not dishes, then a meal. If not a meal, it was breaking-up/entertaining/prodding/disciplining/or just plain glaring at the kids. And if not the kids, Heath and I were bickering. Oh, and there was pee everywhere in the house today. I'm so tired of pee! Potting training has taken the inevitable turn for the worse. He was almost perfect up until this week. I just have to remember this too will get better. But that's not what I want to hear when I'm up to my elbows in dirty, wet laundry! I never got ahead today. Not once. The kitchen is still dirty, albeit with tonight's dishes and not last nights. The laundry is at the same level as yesterday. Maybe even higher. And I never did get to my sewing machine.

There was one glimmer of sunshine. I ordered new slipcovers for the couch and loveseat. I guess the best response I can have is "tomorrow's another day" and close my eyes on this one. But not until I finally go run that pesky dishwasher!

14 February 2009

Love is in the Air!

We are busy putting our Valentine's Day plans into full swing. This is a first for us. My hubby has always been anti V-Day. He has lots of reasons. Refuses to celebrate a martyr's death; doesn't need someone telling him when to tell his wife he loves her; you know, typical stuff. I really haven't minded too much. Just meant I didn't have to worry about the day.

Well, this year I was a little sneaky and used the kids against him. In all reality, I wanted a special day! But since we are now schooling our kids at home, I decided they needed us to acknowledge Valentine's Day. I told Heath all about how they aren't getting to give valentines to friends, or have a party, or any of the things they do in public schools. Hehe. So I've planned a big time special dinner for the family. With candle light and everything. Of course the kids got involved, so as we speak, Heath is at the store picking up all the things they have by conniving behind the scenes to get Mom. We're having soup and grilled cheese sammies for lunch, and of course the sammies are heart shaped. And for dinner, I've put together place card holders that are plastic cups filled with conversation hearts, and topped with a heart shaped sugar cookie with their name on it. Isn't that sweet? And we splurged and bought some shrimp so I could make shrimp scampi for dinner. Now the shrimp was a little pricey, but didn't cost anymore than a trip to Micky D's. So we are having a very fancy dinner, for the fast food price!

For those of you who know me, this is very unusual for me and our family. I'm not the "fancy" kind of person. But we are having so much fun with this! And really feeling like we're a tight-knit, function as a unit, kind of family that we really are. And Heath has really jumped right in and been a part. I worried he'd throw a kink in things, but I shouldn't underestimate him. Just hold on to your hats sweetheart, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner...

07 February 2009

Little Boys

My house is filled with little boys. They range from the age of 2 months to 34 years. There are six of this species with which me and my girls co-exist. So we have plenty of excitement around here. I sometimes pray for the chance to be inside the mind of a boy for an hour or so. But then, I come to my senses and pray that I just learn to cope and interact with that little boy mind. Take for instance the bathroom wars. My three oldest boys have been banned from going to the bathroom at the same time. Did I hear someone ask why? Well, you know the game flashlight wars, or possibly you call it flashlight tag? Everyone has a flashlight in a dark room and you chase each others beam of light around the room until you "catch" it. Well, my boys play this game in the bathroom. Picture three boys standing around a toilet, chasing each others pee until one catches someone else's stream and wins the war. I refused to clean up after the last game. Made them clean their own mess, and then put a "take-a-number" device at the door so they had to wait their turn.

Maybe you can answer this question. Why do boys shove their dirty socks and underwear under the bed? Since you are already taking a shirt and pair of pants to the dirty clothes room, is there a reason the socks and underwear get left behind? Are they too dirty for the hamper? Is it embarrassing to trek your unmentionables through the house? Maybe they think that underclothes are disposable, and will trash them all when the underside of the bed is full. Or is it that special weapon that keeps all bedtime monsters at bay? Whatever the reason, I'm really tired of the toxic fumes that seep from there and just wish the clothes would get to the basket so I can bleach them.

My favorite and also my most cursed moment was a few years ago when they made up a new game. Malcolm, Daniel and Jeffie Jean were in need of entertainment, and invented powder tag.. That's right. Sounds exactly what the name implies. Each one of them had a bottle of baby powder, and chased each other around the house squeezing the powder out at the other players. It looked like they had the time of their lives. My house looked like the North Pole. Where was I? Taking 30 seconds to go to the bathroom.

I'd like to start something new in my blog. It's the "Funny things overheard in the Buster house". Just thought I'd share a few quotes with you.

Daniel: "Hey, is Anderson old enough for a bottle now?
Beth: "Sure. We're going to try and see if he'll take it."
Daniel: "Good! Now you can let your chests have a rest."

Terry: "Leave me 'lone, Momma!"
Beth: "Don't you tell me 'leave me 'lone'!"
Terry: "(sigh) No say no, no say leave me 'lone. What I say?!"

I know there were more, but I didn't think about this until late in the week. I'll write them down this week so I can share next weekend. I'll leave you with one last quote.

Heath Jr: "Hey Momma. You know, um, well, is God ever going to stop giving us babies?"