21 January 2009

Makes me tired just thinking about it.

We had a great Christmas. It was an uneventful, very relaxing week. Took some time for my family, and then spent a week with Heath's parents. It's nice to look back over the holiday and not be relieved that it is over, but to be thankful and rested. We have hit the floor running now, though. I just celebrated my 32nd birthday, we've started back to school with the four older children, am potty training Terry, trying to keep Paulee out of trouble, and I am busy with keeping Anderson fed and diapered.

Then of course there is my list of sewing projects. It has been exponentially growing by the day. I just finished one of Miss Casiday's gifts, and am hoping I can get to the other project I'd like to send her way before her birthday. I'm currently working on the girls Valentine skirts and shirts, and finished up Paulee's pillow. I'll post pictures of Casiday's gifts, but that will have to wait until after February 17th, or whenever I get them to her, whichever way ensures that Teri Lynne can't cheat and look at them early. Oh, and there is a shirt for Heath-er, two jumpers for the girls, and shirts and dresses for the family picture coming up this spring. Whew, my fingers and shoulders hurt already!

Heath is busy with our associations Director of Missions search committee. They are meeting very regularly as they are finding the man for the position. With that, work at the church, and projects here at the house I keep finding for him, he stays busy. That and the Wii that Tim let us borrow. Heath claims it is not wasteful entertainment, but a healthy diversion to reality. I don't know about all that, but it is fun. And does make you sweat!

But that is just about all there is for news. We stay busy no matter the time of year. That's just the life of a minister's family and a family of nine.