10 December 2008

Catching up

So it's been months since my last blog. For those who know me, it's been a hard few months. Nothing terrible. Quite the opposite. I was finishing up my seventh pregnancy. Yes, for you math whizzes out there, that would mean I've been a human incubator for 5 years of my 12 years of marriage. It was by far the longest pregnancy of all. I think I got stuck in some kind of time continuum and was actually pregnant for 12 months this time. I was beginning to feel like an elephant. But after getting through a few complications, and a very normal labor and delivery, we now have our newest addition to our family here with us. This picture was graciously taken before they took the bed apart and made it some kind of torture device they call "The Throne". It is also before my family began looking through a baby name book trying to help us come up with a girls name. I do not find out the sex of the baby, so we have to have two names pick out. We were short one. So my husband, Mom, Dad, and Brother-in-law started looking for one. They came up with some of the funniest names. Unfortunately for me, who does not get epidurals, it is like ripping your stomach apart to laugh when having a contraction. There was a point that I thought I was going to deliver this child through a spontaneous, non-surgical, c-section, but my Dad had mercy on me and didn't go into his Wanda routine.
Anyway, I'd like you to meet my youngest son.
This is Mr. Anderson Dean Buster
Born November 14, 2008 at 8:36pm
He weighed six pounds, 11 ounces, and was 20 inches long. He is a really good baby, who eats and sleeps. He doesn't fuss, and as you can see, is so adorable, you could just squeeze him to death. His siblings love him, and Paulee and Terry think they are his surrogate parents. I really have to watch those two, but that will be another post.
Life is quickly adjusting. I am feeling like a new person now that I am no longer pregnant. I still do not have my temperature regulator working right yet, but I guess with the winter coming on it will be better to be sweating than to be freezing.
Oh, and for those readers who have read all my posts. Remember the one about the car? And having to pack it up for a trip? Well, we have a new vehicle as well. A big, white, ugly, churchy van. You know what I'm talking about. But there is room for all, plus a few extras. Which of course I am known to have, because trying to keep track of my own isn't hard enough. It's still quite a site seeing everybody disembark, but no longer a circus clown trick. And I promise this year, I will remember to bring the portable crib when we go see Heath parents. Because I never forget anything, and I know how important it will be to have a place for Anderson to sleep. It won't get left!